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Designer’s Oasis

A sanctuary of creativity and collaboration, where interior designers find inspiration and shape the future of modern luxury with Kanova & Company


Gallery Of Inspiration

Discover the endless possibilities of our Kanova collections through our gallery of real-world interior projects. As you explore these featured interiors, take a moment to immerse yourself in the elegance and creativity showcased. Let these stunning examples inspire your own design projects with Kanova, sparking new ideas and visions for modern luxury


Welcome to the Kanova Designer's Oasis, a vibrant space where creativity and collaboration flourish. Since our inception, we have fostered a close partnership with the interior design community, ensuring our products continually set the benchmark for modern luxury. Here, designers can explore real-world use cases of our collections, share innovative ideas, and provide invaluable feedback that shapes our future designs. Our journey with interior designers has been instrumental in crafting the timeless elegance and cutting-edge designs that define Kanova & Company. Join us in this virtual studio to discover inspiration, share your insights, and be part of our evolving story.

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