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About Kanova & Co.

Kanova & Co., named after the Neoclassical sculptor Antonio Canova, was founded with one goal in mind: to redefine luxury in modern lighting without compromise.

Just as Neoclassicism rose in reaction to the predecessor Rococo art movement, Kanova & Co. pushes the boundaries of modern luxury lighting from the perspective of ornate traditional-style lighting.  Although designed with the clean and restrained characteristics of modern aestheticism in mind, our products are inspired by past works of classical antiquity and elegance. Kanova & Co. utilizes cutting edge metal crafting and processing techniques to deliver unparalleled quality without resorting to exorbitant materials. After all, Kanova & Co. views modern luxury as a way of life that is both accessible and uncompromising.


Kanova & Co. is committed to delivering a clean and restrained product style fit for the modern home. We will continuously strive to provide the best possible customer service and product quality— because unmistakable excellence is the spirit of our art.

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